Full Browsing Privacy

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Full Browsing Privacy
Tired of people looking and trying to see what exactly you're doing on your computer?
I've stumbled over the internet on this picture of a neat invention.
Imagine a lot of things you could do with it..

Play any kind of games while in the office
Search for confidential files without anyone noticing
Overall you can do almost anything you want with your computer

Not good for video chatting
Not good for your eyes
Totally sweaty
You look like a leech, have a wedge face, and most probably you'll look very stupid to others

Not to worry about breathing, eating, or smoking.
As you can see on the above picture, it has a hole on it for your troubles.
You might want to place a webcam so that you so you can see people behind you.

I kinda like this stuff.
Problem is, I wonder if this is still available?
I'm sure its definitely sold out on eBay.

Notice how his left hand is not visible on the picture?
I wonder where it is.

What do you think of this invention?

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April ♥ said...

Oh, I don't like that :) lol I may not breathe inside and its kinda hot in there XD lmao.

aLgene said...

that thing is not for me.. what about my hair? haha. :D

Kate said...

oh... you gave me an idea! haha. total browsing privacy.

but i'd still look suspicious with THAT thing. and it'd totally destroy my eyes. haha

Dana Telco said...

Hahahaha... very weird, but it very effective to keep your secret.

♪winRAWR! said...

hahahahah =)) like it! if i weren't sweaty, id purchase one like this.LOL

nancy said...

this is my second time to come across with this picture (LMAO).. i like the humor of your blog. can i add this to mine?

Tiago and Sendo said...

That's really hilarious! ROTFL

chin said...

This post is really funny yet very interesting and somehow very helpful...I would like to give it a try..:)

schizoshrink said...

funny and ridiculous! lol

kressa said...


Gil Nocturne, Gillian shie said...

hahah, dapt dari mana sih gambar kaya ginian???

thumbs up...
ampe jempol kaki sgala..

rich said...

hahaha! XD that looks extremely weird... funny... ^^

Rad said...

hahahaha lol that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. might work well when studying in the library, keep your eyes off of the girls passing around lol

Moonflower said...

hv u tried doing this urself? hehehe....and i thk it's only applicable to those stone aged screen lah......now flatscreen cannot anymore leh......

jana said...

Hahahahah I love that picture! It's the best!

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