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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let's set aside the funstuff for now and go with serious matters.

I got this disturbing video from Gracie.

This educated me a lot.

It gave me the shocking idea on the gruesome course of food process before it gets into our plates.

This phrase struck me the most,
"Cows give milk for their offspring.. not for human beings."

Tell this to everyone you know!

This is crucial because animals are getting beaten and brutalized daily because of OUR actions of buying these messed up products.

Although I am still thinking on going vegetarian 'coz I know that not all farmers treat their animals like this.

Let us

Watch the video..

Beware, it's very disturbing..

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Vivien said...

I saw this video before. It is pretty disturbing. My stepson even cried at this video. It shows how cruel we are to animals. Go vegetarianism and veganism!


carlota said...

My daughter almost become a vegetarian after watching of this video. she even cried for a day or so. This is really disturbing video.

aLgene said...

you did share the video. thanks for spreading the word. :)

they are heartless beasts. i hate seeing the video again. it makes me feel bad..

Micchan-san said...

we'll certainly be healthier if we eat vegetables. but i don't think we should altogether stop eating meat or dairy products because of this. we need them too for nutrition and such. instead, we should reduce our meat consumption - we really don't need to eat meat that much, just a little. our ancestors have eaten meat and eggs, drunk milk and such, but it's modern technology that causes this unmerciful act towards animals' lives. i live in indonesia and on family birthdays we usually eat pork - whole pork but never did I see their ears or tails cut off. Chicken beaks are always intact, but I don't know about cattles or dairy cows. I'm posting this in my blog. thx for sharing.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

di nga naman tama un paraan ng pagkatay ng mga animals...dapat itama nila yan!
pero di kailangan na mag stop tayong kumain ng meat dahil kailangan ng katawan natin yan... ^_^

Wenko the Great said...

Yes, the vegetarian diet is the best choice. So check out my blog and get some recipes. Thanks!


nurseabie said...

A shocking truth! Kawawa naman mga animals.It breaks my heart seeing this one. Thanks for sharing the video.

Sweetham said...


Favorite ko pa man din ang fried chicken sa fastfood.

Bradpetehoops said...

One of the most brutality I ever saw on these animals. Thanks for sharing the terrifying truth. Have a nice day.

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