Staying Young Tips

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exhaling relieves stress, clears the lungs, increases mental focus and contracts the abdomen. You can actually tone the belly by learning to breathe properly.

Drink in Excess
Water rinses cell wastes, blood poisons and environmental toxins from the body. Try flat mineral water, or organic herbal teas. For an electrolyte boost, try wheat grass juice.

Eat Well
Try eating 5 small (but balanced) meals a day to keep your metabolic fire stoked:

Eat a light breakfast Try a protein smoothie, a handful of soaked almonds, and fruit.
Lunchtime is when our digestive fire is at its peak. This can be a heavier meal
Dinner should be light, with few carbohydrates i.e. sugar, bread, etc.

Eat Fat
Unlike bad-fats (found in processed foods) fats in avocados and other vegetables, are good sources of phyto-nutrients, and essential fatty acids, which protect against heart disease and cancer. Try evening primrose oil, fish oils, or flax seed oil.

Calcium is Important for More than Just Strong Bones
Take calcium with magnesium in a 1 to 1 ratio daily. Adding 500 3,000 mgs of ester C with rose hips promotes absorption, and repairs cell damage. Also, adding magnesium can assist you in falling asleep and waking refreshed.

Loosen your Shoulders, Free your Hips, Stand on your Head
3 stretches in 3 minutes can help eliminate postural imbalances:
Serenity Pose
Standing Forward Bend
Beginners head stand (Dolphin Pose or Half-Dog Pose)
Stop Over-Exercising
Seek a moderately challenging routine:

30% strength
30% aerobic (low to medium impact)
30% stretching
10% relaxation
Allow for sufficient rest between workouts to help the body recuperate

Stop Over-Exfoliating
Peeling, burning, and abrading the skin refines its appearance, but it can also weaken the skins immunity. Too much exfoliating can eventually kill skin cells. Ask your skin care professional for gentle peels, and feed facial skin with live cell extracts, and essential oils.

The Power of Minerals
A proper diet, including minerals, strengthens a cells ability to fight cancer, viruses and bacteria. Consider taking liquid minerals daily if needed.

Sugar is Toxic
1 tsp of refined white sugar can destroy all of the vitamin B12
you ingest in a week. Without B12, the myelin sheath (which protects nerve endings) starts to erode. Consider adding a B complex vitamin to your daily vitamin and mineral regimen.


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