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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Posted by Add Topic

Welcome to Add Topic™ LINK EXCHANGE!


Step 1:

Click this link:

TechnoChase Banners

Grab (copy) a link/banner of your choice.

Paste the code on your website to link my other blog.

Your link will be added here on Add Topic only (homepage backlinks).
Not because you added my other blog on your list, doesn't mean that I will be adding your link on TechnoChase aswell.

Once you're done adding my other blog, you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2 (optional)
You must subscribe to my blog via e-mail!
Help me out on gaining readers by entering your e-mail address located at the top of my entrecard and chatbox widgets. I'll try my best to deliver you quality content and entertain you as much as I can. Who knows, I might even lighten up your day and make you smile. Updates will be delivered straight to your e-mail. Don't worry, I won't spam your inbox. So you definitely won't regret subscribing. Great news is.. ITS FREE! So what are you waiting for? Enter your e-mail address now!

If you're a blogspot user, you might be kind enough to follow me on your reading list so you'll immediately know what's new on my blog. You can also follow me on twitter and become a fan on facebook too. I'll appreciate it if you do.

Step 3:
Add your link on the widget provided below.

That's it! We've exchanged links!

Note: I will not entertain people asking for a link exchange telling me that I should add them first and has not sent me an e-mail. You should add me first and follow my procedures 'coz your the one asking for an exchange of links.

After that, I'll be checking your link and the e-mail address you submitted. Failure to comply with my requirements will result on the following consequences; If I do not find my link on your site, you will no longer be entertained and I will have your link deleted immediately. So I hope you follow the procedure above because its very easy to understand.

Also you might want to add my banner.
Just copy the code below and paste it on your lovely website:

Thanks a lot!

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