10 Reasons to have a Geek Boyfriend

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Geek Lover
I read this post from TechFreakStuff and I thought it'll be cool to share it with you guys, specially to the girls seeking for a partner.

Hope these tips help you out!

Looking for a boyfriend? 10 reasons why you should go for a Geek!

  1. They are so busy with their Computers that they don’t have all the time in the world to think about other girls. Thus, they won’t ditch you for any other girl. So, you don’t need to be unsecured.
  2. They are technically sound! In this age of technology, they can work with any given gadget. So, if you happen to mess up with a gizmo, they can fix it for you with ease. So, No wasting money on repairing gadgets.
  3. They are intelligent and they know what they are talking about. So, you don’t need to act as if you are convinced, when you are actually not! They can explain everything what they are talking about[mostly with solid proofs]. They can impress your parents or any other knowledgeable person with their wisdom and knowledge, not like any other Sexy looking loser.
  4. In this Computer-based world, Geeks are greatly in demand for Jobs. So, they earn quite well or are bound to make good money in the future. So, No future worries!
  5. You don’t need to wear good clothes and have a facial done every 2 weeks. They don’t really care about how you look, as far as they are sure that you love them. Some of them may talk about your looks, but it is not really in their nature.
  6. They will give you a gift which you can show-off to the world. Mostly, the gifts would be like the latest Apple iPod or the newest Mobile phone in the market. It may also be a lovely website with the photos of you and him linking to geeky poems which will be difficult for you to understand.(but that’s okay!). You don’t need to hide their gifts from everyone as they are not going to be Sexy looking “Undies”.
  7. If he goes missing, you don’t need worry about Police arresting him for misbehavior, after boozing on the streets! You can find him in some electronic Superstore geeking around with the latest MacBook.
  8. They don’t really have any dressing sense. So, you can always try and convince him on which clothes to buy. You surely have the upper hand when it comes to knowing about the latest fashion trends. And, they will obey your command quietly without asking to many questions, when it comes to the Fashion part.
  9. They are loyal to you as they are to their Laptop! When they say that they need you more than the RAM in their Desktop, they really mean that they love you and need you for their life!
  10. Even though their sense of romance is quite different, let me tell you…They are really good in Bed! (you need to accept this without any logical proof!)

Now this is one additional reason! As most of the girls out there have not read this article, they don’t really know how good a geek can be. So, there are a lot of geeks still available for you to choose from. So, Go and Get one yourself!

Please bring this article to notice of any girl looking for a guy, or your own girlfriend to make her understand how lucky she is!



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