Defeat Boredom

Thursday, May 14, 2009

One of the biggest causes of boredom is doing repetitious things. Try to plan something new and fresh each day to defeat the same bland, uneventful happenings. Whether it be cooking a new meal for dinner or going to a new store, plan something new for each day.

Find a new hobby! Hobbies can occupy the time that is spent doing nothing, aka the time that you are bored. Create a list of things you've always wanted to take up and begin taking them up!

Feeling lazy? Sometimes boredom happens because we feel very sluggish. Take a small nap to refresh yourself.

Exercise! Sometimes you just need to be active. It's a good way to stay moving and a great way to lose weight at the same time.

Call a friend. Friends always have solutions to problems. If you're both bored, you'll find something to do together!

Take a walk around town. You'll be getting out of the house, getting fresh air, and seeing the town you live in on a more personal level.

Clean. Sometimes a person may feel frustrated by their boredom. They feel useless and sluggish. Cleaning helps a person feel accomplished and it passes the time quickly.

Write a journal. Keeping your thoughts pent up inside your mind can sometimes be frustrating. Vent everything out onto a journal.

Make it a point to plan new activities for each week. A person needs something to look forward to. Make a weekly ritual out of something with friends and go see new places.


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